Complimentary “Wellness One-on-One” Discussion 
In this 60 minute session, be prepared to share. I’ll begin to learn your health history, eating patterns, lifestyle, challenges, and most importantly: Goals
To schedule this, email: erin.cappiccie@gmail.com

MY BELIEF: Wellness isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. 
In our program I’ll learn about your primary food intake (lifestyle) and your secondary food intake (food/drink). I’ll help you define goals, and then we will conquer them together. As a client, here are some perks you can look forward to:

  • guidance navigating the grocery store and your kitchen
  • understand and reduce harmful cravings
  • work to achieve and maintain ideal weight & size
  • mend and maintain a healthy gut
  • gain an understanding of food labeling
  • set yourself up for success with pre-toxing (excellent before the holidays or vacation!)
  • improve personal and business relationships
  • adopt healthy self-care habits
  • discover your strengths and put them to work in your career
  • improved diet + lifestyle habits = ENERGY


  • 6 Month Program = 2 sessions per month, biweekly (12 sessions)
  • 3 Month Program = 2 sessions per month, biweekly (6 sessions)
  • 1 Month Program = 2 sessions

ALL PROGRAM OPTIONS INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

  • One-on-One 60 minute sessions (in person if Pittsburgh/Wheeling local or virtual via phone/video chat)
  • Kickoff grocery store tour (Pittsburgh/Wheeling/Columbus local)
  • E-mail service in between sessions
  • Dietary recommendation plans
  • Lifestyle recommendation plans
  • Goal setting exercises + Worksheets
  • Relevant Handouts & Charts
  • Healthy + Simple Recipes
  • ADD ON: Food prep / Cooking Class (Pittsburgh/Wheeling/Columbus local)


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