Hey April Fools,

If you’re anything like me, starting off on a clean slate feels pretty good. It may be 10:30pm, but it’s still the start of a new month and the start of a new season.

If your New Years Resolutions are already history, now’s a good time to plant some good seeds that you actually have time to care for. You probably don’t really need to do something drastic and hit the reset button. (If you do, email me and let’s chat about it).

When it comes to wellness, I believe that you’ll never actually “get there”. I believe that it’s more of a journey. To have a great journey, you need to stay present and honest with yourself then anchor to what works. Significant outcomes come from small changes. I also believe in recognizing and celebrating those small changes…

Let’s call them #WellnessWins.

How best to celebrate than with some motivational, shameless social media posts?!

OUR task for the week:

  1. Do something for yourself that not only feels good, but IS good for your body. (Must have both.)
  2. Let me know about it. Mention #WellnessWin and tag me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Let’s go… Anchors up!

– Erin

Wellness Wins

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