Last night, I was tinkering around Trader Joe’s per usual, and something whispered to me: “buy that Manuka honey.” I rarely use honey in my cooking, never add it to my tea, and don’t have much of a sweet tooth in general. However, I have a basic understanding that Manuka honey has some noteworthy healing properties, so I followed that voice, and dropped it in my cart.

Cut to this morning: spending the better part of four hours blinded by what I can only imagine is the start of an ulcer in the top chamber of my stomach. As I imagined hydrochloric acid burning through my mucosal lining, I tried everything. First, I put down my coffee and grabbed some quick home remedies. Antacids = Didn’t work. A big, creamy glass of kefir = Delicious, but no difference. Then, I remembered that Manuka honey…

I did a some quick research and found that Manuka can have a pretty profound effect on various kinds of stomach and intestinal distress. If you’re looking for an efficient rundown, check out this helpful article via Dr. Axe.

One tablespoon stirred in piping hot water + a slow sip = RELIEF. Within 20 minutes of finishing that medicinal mug, the pain was gone. The fire was extinguished.

Consider me a Manuka fan for life. I am so floored, here I am writing about it on my lunch break. And that is saying a lot, because I haven’t shared a blog post in over a year. I recently started some new projects, took a deep dive into grad school, and am enjoying every moment with minimal documentation.

That being said, it’s a new season. More to share soon…


Functional Food: Magic Manuka Honey

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