heart shape by various vegetables and fruits

I could easily #ThrowbackThursday to another beautiful beach pic and remind everyone to settle down, anchor, and reflect on the calming element of water. But I’ll save that inspiration for the dead of winter…

For now, let me throwback to an article I wrote for my previous employer, Tough Mudder. It’s all about how to use natural¬†foods when battling inflammation in the body. Inflammation can come in two forms: acute or chronic. Either way, adding these foods into the mix will only contribute to you feeling better. And eating well.

Note: This article is obviously geared towards athletes that are looking to recover after running a 10 – 12 mile obstacle course. Draw similarities and even compare your life to an obstacle course. (Isn’t that what life is anyway?! An awesome obstacle course?)

Check out my article on Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods. Share it with someone who’s inflamed.¬†Ask me questions. Better yet, contact me and let’s schedule a focused chat.

Anti-Inflame Yourself

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